See all tastes of IQ Vape

IQ Vape is one of the few companies that has such a wide range of product varieties. With us you can find the following tastes.

Using these devices has many advantages for you and your environment. This is because they contain fewer chemicals than traditional tobacco. IQ VAPE reduces the risk of disease and you will breathe cleaner air. And those around you will thank you, as the figure of the passive smoker disappears. Besides, buying in our vape store, you'ilsay goodbye to the bad smell that traditional tobacco produces.

Here's a look at what flavors we're offering right now:

  1. IQ Vape Mango
  2. IQ Vape Peach
  3. IQ Vape Watermelon
  4. IQ Vape Mint
  5. IQ Vape Gum
  6. IQ Vape Apple
  7. IQ Vape Blueberry
  8. IQ Vape Grapes

And our latest offerings.

  1. IQ Vape Melon
  2. IQ Vape Raspberry
  3. IQ Vape Tobacco
  4. IQ Vape Strawberry

yes, that's right. These are WHOLE 12 flavors specially created according to your preferences and requests.

IQ Vape Mango

A riot of refreshing fruity flavors that combines intoxicating sweet mango with a sharp and pleasant aroma. Made especially for you, this is definitely for those who love summer fruits.

IQ Vape Peach

Electronic hookah with peach flavor is a light and refreshing product. This taste in general has increased its popularity as it is available in fruit juices such as natural fruits and sweets.

Who doesn't like fresh, perfectly ripe peaches? This sweet and sharp juice is nothing more than intoxicating. Peach fanatics can get their fruit through a vape experience from IQ Vape.

IQ Vape Watermelon

The aromatic aroma of fresh summer watermelons is guaranteed to make you want more. Our IQ Vape Watermelon combines this sweet nectar of the gods with the right amount of appetizing sharp and pleasant taste.

This is a tropical fiesta with taste, capturing the true life of the sun-ripe watermelons and their flirty, lukewarm aroma.

IQ Vape Mint

IQ Vape Mint is ideal for the summer season, and also to remember favorite memories of it. A mixture of mint, and also with an added ice effect!

IQ Vape Gum

Restore this long-lost children's magic with the classic taste of gum, minus the bubbles!

From the casual businessman to the professional footballer, adults also love the taste of gum. Now we have a taste of gum, especially for us adults. Looking to buy the best gum flavor? It is considered in the same category as sweets due to the sweet taste. Get ready to blow bubble clouds with the assortment of gum flavors available in our inventory.

IQ Vape Apple

Mixed with different types of apples taken from the Tree of Knowledge, this electronic juice can endow the vaper with mysterious powers.

Apples are extremely popular and grown all over the world. IQ Vape's apple veeps have a dominant taste of Newton's fruit – they're usually sweet, refreshing and sometimes have a bit of a twist.

IQ Vape Blueberry

You'il feel a sweet and sharp taste, just like a real blueberry. This strong aroma of blueberry tastes on its own, but also mixes well with a wide variety of fruits and vanilla.

IQ Vape Grapes

Grapes are a berry that has been grown for more than 5,000 years, depending on the climate and the region in which it is grown, they can be white, green, red or purple in color. As a rule, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Each grape has a common sweet taste that borders on thrilliness.

As for the electronic hookah with the taste of grapes, you will find that it is strong enough and has a general preference for purple and red grapes due to the sweet taste through which it was created.

If you're looking for a cooler or lighter vape, we recommend trying IQ Vape Grapes, which combines this fruit with an icy aroma.

IQ Vape Melon

Melon is a sweet, lest fruit. His closest relatives are pumpkins and cucumbers. Melons originate in Africa and southwestern parts of Asia. All-round sweetness and ripe taste notes make it a popular choice.

This summer fruit has a sweet taste all the time and provides a solid basic taste and a thrilling note. Low-power vaping reveals its true refreshing taste, giving a pleasant balance between sweet and thrilling.

In fact, there's something magical about the taste of crunchy, juicy melons. If you're crazy about melons, this option is guaranteed to make you sink in.

IQ Vape Raspberry

IQ Vape with raspberry is available in abundance, as this is due to the fact that it not only has a sufficiently distinct aroma, but also pairs well with a number of other fruits as well as ice cream, drinking mint and desserts.

IQ Vape Tobacco

Tobacco-flavored IQ Vape is the perfect substitute for the harmful cigarettes you use every day. Say NO to cigarettes and replace them with a tobacco-flavored IQ Vape.

IQ Vape Strawberry

Even if the time of strawberries is over, with IQ Vape Strawberry you can always remember the taste of these sweet fruit. By choosing a strawberry-flavored vape,you choose freshness. Sour and sweet notes that will surprise your palate, a great strawberry in its purest form.

Why choose IQ Vape?

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Over 500 pull, which is more than 2 boxes of cigarettes
  • Nicotine-free
  • Use anywhere without restrictions

Now it remains to tell us which taste of IQ Vape you chose?