Can you take a vape on a plane?

It's no secret that most vapers want to be able to carry their vapedevices – wherever they go – to work, for a walk and even on a plane when traveling domestically or abroad. But are you allowed in flight? Let's find out!

Can you carry your vape devices on a plane?

So, can you take your vape device on a plane? In most cases, yes, you can! However, there are some things to keep in mind.

First of all, e-cigarettes and other electronic systems are allowed only if you put them in your hand luggage or in your pocket. It's important to know that vape devices and kits are electronic devices, which means you can't pack them in registered bags. This rule applies because evaporators have batteries and pose a fire risk.

Remember that each bag will be checked, and if you put your e-cigarettes in checked baggage, your devices will be removed or the entire bag can be left at the airport. Of course, always be sure to check additional restrictions provided by the airline you are traveling with, as well as the place of your destination.

Unfortunately, there are still countries where vape products are banned and some of them include Japan, Norway, Brazil, Dubai and Thailand. Keep in mind that the law can change very quickly, so before each flight do your own research.

What about electronic fluids?

Well, electronic liquids are still liquids and are subject to the same restrictions. If you want to take your vape "juice" in your carry-on luggage, you should pour it into a container that holds a maximum of 100 ml (3.4 ounces).

It should also fit in a 1-litre, transparent bag for all your liquids. If you want to carry more vape liquids on board, they must be placed in your checked baggage. However, be sure to fasten it properly – you will avoid accidentally leaking a lot of aromatic electronic liquids on all your belongings.

It is important to remember that standard electronic liquids are allowed on an airplane, but cannabis products are usually banned, so leave those at home. Of course, you can also check if there are some local vape shops where you can later buy electronic liquids.

Additional tips

When flying, it is best to remove the batteries to avoid accidentally turning on the device. Of course, in the case where the vape has built-in batteries, this will not be possible. You also need to take care to empty the tank, before you go on the plane. Cabin pressure can affect liquids and lead to their leakage.

Of course, you should remember that although vape devices are allowed on an airplane, vaping is not, and this action is treated in the same way as smoking and will be punished in the same way. Airports are also places where you should not use vapes. The only exceptions are suitable outdoor areas intended for smokers or inside smoking lounges.