Convenient to use, with a pleasant aroma and LED light, the electronic hookah is ready for use at any time.

What is IQ VAPE

IQ VAPE is an elegant electronic hookah with pre-charged liquid, which is activated by inhalation. The vape device does not need charging or recharging. It is powered only by a lithium-ion battery and when you pull it you can enjoy your favorite scent.

снимка на вейпинг устройство IQ Vape

How it works?

By purchasing an e-cigarette, also known as an e-hookah, you get a unique product that heats a nicotine-free liquid to produce money. The battery charge of the hookah and the amount of liquid are calculated to withstand a minimum of 500 puffs, which is equivalent to a minimum of 2 packs of cigarettes. Once the battery is exhausted, the device can no longer be used.


There are many benefits to using these devices for you and your environment. This is because they contain fewer chemicals than traditional tobacco. IQ VAPE will reduce the risk of disease and you will breathe cleaner air. And those around you will thank you, as the figure of the passive smoker disappears. In addition, buying in our vape shop, you will say goodbye to the bad smell that traditional tobacco produces.

Compact, light and cheap

These devices are like a helper for your pocket. You will save a lot of money by not having to buy tobacco.

Use everywhere - without restrictions

Thanks to current legislation, you will not have to go out in the cold to smoke: Vaping is allowed in more places than conventional tobacco.

No burning and no tars

You will help the environment, as it is not necessary to ignite them by incineration and not so much waste is produced.


IQ Vape Mango
Very light, moderately sweet exotic taste. The electronic hookah IQ VAPE with mango aroma is pleasant and toning. The ice effect contributes to maximum freshness and a cold end to your experience.
IQ Vape Peach
Aromatic and with a rich, moderately sweet taste. IQ VAPE Peach is a suitable electronic hookah for lovers of fruit e-liquids who prefer sweeter and more fragrant liquids.
IQ Vape Mint
IQ Vape Mint is perfect for the summer season and also to remember your favorite memories of it. A mixture of mint, and also with an added ice effect!
IQ Vape Gum
IQ VAPE offers you a journey back to childhood. Find the nostalgic taste of the days of games from your childhood, with delicious sweet, chewing gums to vape all day long. IQ VAPE memory of chewing gum from our childhood.
IQ Vape Apple
Apples, apples and more apples! This is what you have when you get the great apple-flavored IQ VAPE! Sour and sweet notes that will surprise your palate, green apple in its purest form.
IQ Vape Watermelon
Like real watermelon, this liquid has a fresh and fragrant summer taste. IQ VAPE watermelon is lighter and is perfect as past and future moments for hot summer days.
IQ Vape Blueberry
One of the best favorites in IQ Vape. This is a blueberry-flavored vape. Enjoy a juicy blueberry drink, very fresh and sweet!
IQ Vape Grape
A real taste of grapes - this is IQ Vape Grapes. Don't waste time, but get this fresh taste without nicotine. Enjoy a new experience with our electronic hookah.
IQ Vape Melon
One of the unique flavors of summer is here - IQ Vape with a taste of melon. So fragrant and delicious that it will awaken all your senses. The real partner in your summer adventures. Choose an electronic hookah with melon flavor without nicotine from IQ Vape.
IQ Vape Raspberry
Aromatic and with a rich, moderately sweet taste. IQ VAPE Raspberry is a suitable electronic hookah for lovers of fruit electronic liquids who prefer sweeter and more fragrant flavors.
IQ Vape Tobacco
Tobacco-flavored IQ Vape is the perfect substitute for the harmful cigarettes you use every day. Say NO to cigarettes and replace them with a nicotine-free IQ Vape tobacco-flavored device.
IQ Vape Strawberry
Even if the time of strawberries has passed, with IQ Vape Strawberry you can always remember the taste of these sweet fruits. Choose strawberry-flavored vape, you choose freshness. Sour and sweet notes that will bring out your palate, great strawberry in its purest form.

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